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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Survey Results Are In!

The votes are in! Here is a list of winning categories.
1. Double Exposure

2. Motion

3. Interesting Mundane

4. By Moonlight

5. Picture that tells a story

6. Light Painting

7. Minimal Landscape

8. White on White

9. Bokeh

10. Jumping

11. Self Portrait

12. Background

13. Funny.

As always, topics are somewhat subjective and therefore open to individual interpretation.

The site we have been using for viewing and storing scavenger hunt images is They offer free accounts, which are more than enough for contest participation. He is a direct link to the Winter 2011 Scavenger Hunt.

Invitations have already gone out to people hooked up with APC on flickr, but have not yet gone out to APC members on facebook. Please send me a message if you are one of those people, and would like an invite. The scavenger hunt is open only to APC members (on facebook and flickr,) to help prevent spamming.

The general scavenger hunt guidelines are as follows:
Scavenger Hunt General Guidelines

1. Please post only one image per topic. Picture cap for group is set at 13 per person.
2. One point per picture.
3. Ties to be decided by voting, Performed by impartial judges from another flickr group TBD.
4. Contest runs from Winter to Spring. One day will overlap with the following season.
5. Only submit photos taken between December 21, 2010 and March 20, 2011.
6. Winner to be crowned Seasonal Photography King.

While winning the hunt does carry some bragging rights, it is also a great tool to view the work of other area artists, and help local members build an improved portfolio.

Good luck, and happy shooting.

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