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Monday, January 24, 2011


Fellow club members: As I sit here and think about all the great fun I have had with scavenger hunts over the last couple of years, I wonder if taking it up a notch would be even more fun. With that in mind, I came up with an idea for a massive and exciting project. How thrilling would it be for the club to create a collection of work focusing on the people of Auburn, in an assortment of people portraits?

The idea is fairly simple. Track down fascinating people in Auburn, arrange to take their picture, and submit your work. Here’s the catch: the first phase of the challenge
would involve generating a list of interesting people around town. People who are
well known (famous, infamous, opinion leader, civic leader) will perhaps generate greater interest than someone who may be lesser known. Although, it is certainly
possible to take a captivating image of someone who is not well known. My hope is
that we could put together a list of about one hundred people.

What’s the reward? The game could potentially serve many purposes. Club members will be able to further their portrait skills while putting together a stronger portfolio. The club could also stand to gain a profit from book sales, if we decide to publish the project. That’s something we can all talk about. Everything is still very preliminary.

Sound interesting? Interested in participating? Let me know.
Text: 631­-779­-9083

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